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Cooee is an Australian call for help.
It is also a response to the call.


Finding ideas

The Cooee Network seeks ideas through the internet, media, referrals and existing networks in the community.

You could approach the Network with your idea either personally or over the phone or via the website.
We're not too fussed on paperwork at the beginning,….. we're more interested in the idea and how it could add value to the community.

After talking through the idea, assuming it has legs, we'd work with you to get the idea into workable shape and then run it past the Cooee Idea Endorsement  Group to ensure it meets all the criteria of the Network.

Matching the idea with contributors

Then we'd match the needs of the idea with the capacity of Cooee Contributors to help bring the idea to reality.

If we don't have a perfect match we will approach other potential contributors to see if they can give the required resources of expertise, energy, materials and cash.