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Cooee is an Australian call for help.
It is also a response to the call.


Almost anything goes so long as it is:

  • Going to benefit the community (or even just a small section of it) in a significant way
  • Focusing on a balance of social, environmental and economic sustainability
  • Not designed primarily as a self-benefiting activity, although we expect many ideas may benefit the creator of the idea as well as the community 
  • Unlikely to be funded by government grants
  • Legal and ethical

Some examples?

The first project to be supported by the Cooee Network is the MyKyoto Project. The MyKyoto Project encourages people and organizations to reduce the harmful effects of global warming by cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.

However, there really are no “prototype” Cooee ideas so why not just test your idea by calling or emailing us if you have an idea bubbling away.