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Cooee is an Australian call for help.
It is also a response to the call.


By and large we believe that most people are generous with their time, expertise and material resources. Most people are forever helping out others in their family or friendship group or community organization.

The Network relies on this generosity to support creative ideas that need implementation.
But we know that most people will only contribute if they can be sure that their time, energy and other resources are to be well used on very good ideas that are bound to be useful and successful. That's why we have the team we do on our organizing group and on Ideas Endorsement Group of the Network.

Your contributions will be well used. Indeed, you will be part of the decision making process that decides how and if your contribution is to be used on a particular project.

We all have things to contribute that may be useful to someone's idea at some stage. You may have skills as a bookkeeper, solicitor, artist, graphic designer, meeting chairperson, receptionist, project manager, accountant, singer, songwriter, sportsperson, counselor, accountant, teacher, labourer, child carer, caterer, dancer, clown…. and more! These skills may be used directly on a project or may be used to raise funds for use on a project.

Sometimes just being able to provide time to organize and support an idea will be all that's needed.
If you'd like to contribute to the Network the best way to do that is by:

We would appreciate any contribution you may be able to offer …. and doubtless so would those who have a great idea and need help like that which you may be able to provide.